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Thank you for the beautiful album “Imagina”!

Dear Karrin,

I want to thank you for the album “Imagine” and the beautiful tribute that you made to Brazil and our music. It was a beautiful loving gesture. Thank you very much! We love your art. Keep lighting up the world with the brightness of his voice.

Jundiaí, Brazil

KCSM, San Mateo, CA


I ordered your latest CD from Amazon and it arrived today. I’m frustrated by the fact that I anything I say about it will fall way short of my honest enthusiasm about this recording. There is so much good to say but let me narrow it down to one thing. You have total mastery of your instrument. You know I’ve always loved your voice but you have exceeded all my hopes and expectations. I can’t imagine how you could get better, but I know you will. The whole package and presentation of this recording is just so right. You’ve reached a new high. Words only diminish, so I’ll just go back to shaking my head and smiling.


Princeton, NJ

After more than 20 years as senior editor of U.S. 1 Newspaper, Princeton’s business and entertainment journal, Barbara Figge Fox writes for her own long-running blog, Princeton Comment, covering topics that include the arts, technology, and social justice.

The Princeton Comment


Thank you for accepting my request. Thanks even MORE for all the joy you’ve given me and my family over the years with your music. You have four huge fans here, and we’ve seen you in LA, in San Diego.. and in Paris! My father’s all time favorite memory of Paris was wandering into a cafe one night, and finding you there performing.


Thanks for doing what you do. Your doing what you do the way you do it inspires me to keep doing what I do. Thanks


Hello KARRIN ALLYSON ! I admire the work and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, I’m your fan. Thank you for the inspiring work and giving hope for tomorrow! Who lives for others, giving himself. Your creativity is the most beautiful in the world, has the ability to improve, ennoble the human heart and soul? Thank you very much. And please send me your autograph.
Regards Sergey Afanasiev


Got your Christmas CD today and listened to it on my way home. Another home run, Karrin! Just beautiful, jazzy, great takes on old chestnuts and fine new ones. A superb mix of your amazing voice and super instrumentalists. Everyone, buy up (available on CD Baby @ only $12); the CD makes a great Christmas gift for musician friends especially.


”Oh What a Beautiful Mornin Oh What a Beautiful Night.“

Dear Karrin,

Once again you proved to this old Jazz head that you’re the tops.

Everything about your opening night performance was spot on.

I know that you will take issue with my statement as you are a perfectionist, & expect it to get better each set, but consider this, as an audience member I felt as did Kevin, Dale ,& Alan your show was superb, & even better than last year.

Your trio was superb.I’m sure tightness will prevail as each set is performed, but we all loved the set we saw. The addition of Miro on piano, was wonderful. What a talented innovative artist. A joy to listen to and watch, as he was entering your world on stage. A most enjoyable process.

Your vocal sound was above perfect as usual, the songs were great as they reminded of my youth,when the touring companies brought Broadway musicals to The Fresno Auditorium, & later got their original cast albums. Your chops on the piano are most impressive & getting better each time. You really played your ass off. Thank You for that show.

You’re The Best

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